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Don't Cry Baby Jesus, I Already Know I'm A Hypocrite... - Common Sense Isn't That Common [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Don't Cry Baby Jesus, I Already Know I'm A Hypocrite... [Aug. 23rd, 2003|03:45 am]
... So. I have a LJ now. It only took forever to get. And was it really worth it? Nah, it's pretty much the exact same thing I had before, but the reason I wanted it in the first place was to have a friends list. I like it when people I know read things I write, good times ensue. What I don't like is what most Live Journals/Blogs/Xanga/whatever the shit the rest of these stupid things are called - turn into (what they turn into - for those of you new to this game - is bitter, stupid, sappy, crap). My promise to you is that you won't hear about any of my stupid problems, won't hear about my wasted life (unless I can somehow amuse the masses with my pain - very possible), and certainly won't hear anything related to my teen-angst (you are the people who give teens a bad name! Shame on you!). I just plan on writing here instead of in a word document, because hey, I send you people my shit all the time (not recently, because my math classes as of late have made me their official "after-school bitch"). That's all. The only reason I really wrote this in the first place was to see how things looked posted on my little homepage (whee..), and I'll probably post some of my old stuff I wrote, like I've done previously, because I'm lazy and want to wallow in my last remaining weeks of teen-angst alone!