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UCI and how it likes to fuck you over - Common Sense Isn't That Common [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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UCI and how it likes to fuck you over [Mar. 18th, 2004|03:24 pm]
[mood |shut up.]
[music |NIN - Head Like A Hole]

If Holly can do it, so can I.

SO. Let me reminisce for a moment, I have to get that bitter taste in my mouth before partaking on this particular adventure:

Sometime around 3:00pm on my first day college, in my first ICS lab, working on my first program, I decided that my mind was not quite built to handle stupid fucking programming. Rather than getting out of the major like a good right-minded child, I stuck it out - assuring myself that as I picked up the language, good times would ensue.


Fast-forwarding through the crap and why I hate this ICS program (which I am still a part of! Yay!). We come to almost present day:

I'd decided that I'd just go for an econ degree, something general, but not general in the sense of psych, which, in the minds of many, including myself, is the fast food of college degrees (no offense to you Psych majors. Unless you tell me that Psych is hard. Then you should kill yourself. Analyze that, you asshats.). Why econ? It's pretty interesting. No, seriously. You can totally learn how to manipulate the spending habits of people, because they're goddamned sheep and the same patterns emerge over and over, time and time again. So, in essence, it's kinda like psych, because you're messing with people, but it involves money, and anything involving people wasting money, is funny (unless they owe you money, but at least you get to hate them if they don't pay you). Plus, econ just sets you up for grad school, which is awesome/lame. It's awesome because you don't have to think about what you're gonna do with your life for at least another year. It's lame because it's school, and school by any definition of the word is lame.

So end of last year, that was the plan, I was taking some econ classes, and doing ok, so I figured I'd go into the major...

Fast-forwarding again to last quarter:

I was taking my last two classes to get into this major - Econ 20A (THE MOST BASIC ECON CLASS. EVER.) and Math 2B (Hardcore calc - too much material for a 10 week course in honesty, but what're you gonna do). Taking the two more difficult classes in the Econ 20 series (B and C), I figured A would be mostly review. On the other hand, I was in 2B; the class that eats the souls of those unprepared and unmotivated. I weighed my priorities, and 2B obviously got more of my study time over 20A.

Fast-forwarding to the end of last quarter:

I'd talked to an econ counselor mid-quarter and put myself on track - all I needed were two B-'s in the classes I was in to get into Econ. Pretty good deal. I wasn't worried about 20A, but decided to really hit 2B hard to make sure I'd be good (hadn't done too hot on the first midterm).

Fast-forwarding to last quarter grades:

So I got what I needed in 2B: Got my B, good times
So I got a goddamned C(+?) in 20A. Gayer than AIDS.

Obviously I sign up to retake the class, because I'm not down with ICS.

Fast-forward to the middle of this quarter:

I get an email from some counselor in ICS. It was awesome. It was telling me all about how I couldn't retake the class that I'D ALREADY BEEN IN FOR FIVE WEEKS (that includes one midterm, five weeks of homework, and my second midterm later that week). It was in the handbook, they said. I begin to wonder if it was in the handbook five weeks ago, or if the class registration program knew the rules, because I sure as fuck didn't have a problem getting into this class for a second time. So now I'm trying to talk to someone. I go in and get an appointment with an Econ counselor again. I explain the situation and she whips out a piece of paper with two options on it:

1. Get a 2.7 in this certain spread of classes

2. Get an overall GPA of 2.7

As for option #1, that was my problem -> apparently 2.63 won't round up to 2.7. Goddamn.

But all hope was not lost! My overall GPA was over 2.7! Woo wee - And then the counselor took out her pen, crossed out 2.7, and put 3.0, simply saying "we're an impacted major now.". 2.7, yeah, I have that. 3.0? Nope! Totally shafted.

So I stay in this Econ class, and I do pretty awesome on the first midterm already, and I do pretty awesome on the second midterm as well. All the while, trying to get in contact with the dean of Social Science, who, apparently, DOES NOT EVER CHECK HER EMAIL. Awesome. So I call her office, and get her "assistant" who is trying to brush me off onto someone besides the dean:

Her: "we usually don't let undergrads see the dean"
Me: "well, that means sometimes you do, I'd really appreciate it if you could make this one of those times."
Her: "we usually recommend that you speak with the associate dean first."
Me: "and when they don't give me a straight answer, I can call back, and get a meeting with the dean?"
Her: "if they don't answer your question, then yes, feel free to call back and I'll see what I can do."
Me: "alright, can you transfer me?"
Her: "sure"
beep beep boop
AssDean: "this is my message service! leave me a message and I'll get back to you! I promise!"
Me: "I would like to speak with someone regarding Econ, here's my student number, here's my phone number. CALL ME ANYTIME."

It's been about four days. I think she lost my number.

Probably a day after I left this initial message, I get another email from Neha, the head counselor lady for undergrads in ICS. Apparently it's "illegal" for me to retake this class. I love it when people aggrandize what they're saying in order to "scare" me.

So on this last Tuesday, I go into the ICS office in order to get this drop card signed by the dean (I think Neha just does it in the back room when nobody's looking, but I could be wrong - I wouldn't be surprised if the dean of ICS was locked up in a cage, forced to sign drop cards - living off of bread crusts, rolling around in her own feces.) When talking to the guy at the front desk of counseling, I said "I know I can just get this signed, but I want to talk to Neha for a few minutes." He told me that would be fine and to put my name on the list.


The two people in front of me finish, and Neha takes my card and signs it and tries to brush me off. So I just start talking to her in the middle of the ICS counseling lobby with all these other people listening:

Me: "do you find it odd that you're basically rewarding failure?"
Her: "it's a rule I have no control over"
Me: "do you find it odd that I was in this class for five weeks before being notified that I wasn't allowed to retake it?"
Her: "it takes us a long time to go thru all our students, etc etc, blah blah"
Me: "why is there such a rule in place?"
Her: "I would guess to stop people from being able to go for A's, if they have B's"
Me: "that makes zero sense. You say it's ok to FAIL and retake a class, but if you want to better yourself, that's definitely bad? How is this asinine rule still in effect, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been screwed by this blatant stupidity."
Her: "it's a rule that was put into effect by the heads of all the departments."
Me: "you do realize that I'm stuck in this major, that I have ZERO desire to be in, all because of such a stupid, antiquated rule, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it?"
Her: "yes, but again, there's nothing I can do about it, it was put into effect by people above me, the counsel at UCI"
Me: "that's nice, thanks a lot"

at which time I walked out.

Was Neha the one to get mad at? Not really, and I knew it, but someone was gonna listen to me vent, and after waiting an hour and a half to talk to her for FIVE MINUTES, and getting blown off, I figured it was as good a time as any. The coolest part was everybody around us, I was making them uncomfortable being so confrontational with Neha - it brought a tear to my eye ;_; (there was no screaming by the way, just a little bit of attitude).

Even if I have no chances of getting into Econ, which is what it looks like now, someone in that department is gonna hear what I have to say, and it's gonna be the goddamned dean.

Was it my fault I didn't get into Econ? Yeah, some/most of it was definitely my fault, sure I'm willing to accept the blame, but why does it feel like somewhere along the lines, I got totally raped by something out of my control?

Now I'm in ICS for good. I've looked over the classes I have left, and as for programming, it seems to have eased up a bit - there's really only a few more I have to do that are programming intensive. Woo.

1.3 more years until I'm leaving Irvine. The countdown to glory begins.

PS: No grammar check for you!

[User Picture]From: holly_hox
2004-03-19 12:58 am (UTC)
oh andy, i'm so proud of you and your long post.

Sorry you're in a shitty major, Andy. I'd say that's about just as bad as being in a cool major that you can never get any classes for. If I'm staying for a fifth year, I'ma make you stay, too.
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